Portrait Adolf Messer

The journey of an enterprising character

The life of Adolf Messer was distinguished by the numerous highlights of his enterprising success. He was an engineer through and through and loved developing machines and solving technical problems. Privately, Adolf Messer enjoyed living a withdrawn and reserved life in Taunus, surrounded by his family and pets. It was here that he drew the power he required for his untiring efforts for the Messer company. He was one of the typical enterprising characters who had a lasting effect on the early 20th century. Above all he was known for his determinedness, endurance and pioneering spirit.
Here are some of the most significant highlights in his life:

1878: Adolf Messer is born in Hofheim/Taunus. His parents own a butcher’s and an inn in Höchst.

1898: Adolf Messer begins his engineering studies at Darmstadt Technical University.

The students fit the model with an oxygen system

1898: At 20 years of age, he founds the company Adolf Messer GmbH, which initially focuses on welding and cutting technology.

1908: Adolf Messer begins the construction of a first air separation system
and creates a second base for the company through the production of industrial gases.

1924: He marries his second wife Thea Bicker, with whom he has three children: Liesel, Hans and Rosemarie.

He loved animals

1938: World War II and its consequences also leave their mark on Adolf Messer GmbH. Adolf Messer demonstrates both consistency and stamina during this time and is able to continue leading the company after the war.

1944: In 1944, the factories of Adolf Messer GmbH were also a target for the aerial attacks. By the end of the war, all that remained of the majority of the factories was a pile of rubble.

1945: Reconstruction began immediately and placed considerable demands on the Messer family and the employees of Adolf Messer GmbH.

1950: Thanks to cautious management, the company quickly recovers from the effects of the war and benefits from the general upturn of the economy. Adolf Messer can look at his prospering company with satisfaction.

Adolf Messer with his wife Thea

1952: Dr. Hans Messer joins the company management.

1954: On May 13, Adolf Messer dies and is buried in Königstein.